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All Local

Artful prides itself on supporting local crafters and artisans.  Every one of the nearly 60 craftspeople in the shop creates their wares within 1.5 hours of Fredericton.  When you shop with us, you are genuinely taking a piece of Fredericton with you!

All Handmade

There are many places to buy mass-produced goods – let us provide you with items made by the hands of artisans right in your very own community.  No need to wait for craft fairs or holiday markets – we are all handmade, all the time, all for you!

All Together

Artful is a true collective effort!  Members work in the shop and contribute to the expenses and upkeep.  All monies raised through membership and consignment fees go right back into the collective’s operating budget to keep the venue open and support local crafters.

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